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In response to school nurses' observations that PCPs sometimes failed to complete all sections of the asthma action plan, VCHIP staff gave feedback to PCPs to reinforce the importance of completing each section to authorize school nurse medication administration and guide school-based asthma management education.
Consequently, VCHIP staff scheduled a group OAS train-the-trainer session in each SU to concur with school nurses' preferred times.
The VCHIP team found mutually convenient meeting times by coordinating the diverse schedules of community invitees.
They narrowed the list to a core set of about 40 measures that VCHIP will monitor over the long term in an attempt to bring measures in line with each other, identify gaps and areas for refinement, and more easily inform improvements in child health and health care.
VCHIP leads and advises a network of more than 15 states with similar Improvement Partnerships (IPs), or collaborative efforts to measure and improve children's health care.