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, c.1490–1576, Venetian painter, whose name was Tiziano Vecellio, b. Pieve di Cadore in the Dolomites. Of the very first rank among the artists of the Renaissance, Titian was extraordinarily versatile, painting portraits, landscapes, and sacred and historical
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References to Vecellio recur furthermore in many other more renowned writings of D'Annunzio, sometimes with lightning-quick allusions--Isabella Inghirami in Forse che si forse che no, for example, is compared to Titian's portrait of Isabella d'Este (D'Annunzio, 1942: 897)--other times at greater length, with more explicit cross-referencing from one text to another, or from text to real life.
Furthermore, older paint application systems that are not constructed of stainless steel and do not have adequate temperature and humidity controls are also generally not suited for waterborne systems, but will accommodate high solids coatings, adds Michael Vecellio, North American OEM technology director with Axalta Coating Systems.
There is general agreement that at least the dramatic skeletal and muscle figures "originated in the circle of Titian." (15) The woodcut was chosen by Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) (ca.
MediPurpose Regional Sales Manager Todd Vecellio and Key Account Manager Cheryl Channell will be at the event to provide information, demonstrations and samples of the company's medical products, which include babyLance(tm) safety heelsticks, SurgiLance(tm) safety lancets, and MediPlus(tm) Advanced Wound Care dressings.
THE TOPIC: Titian, born Tiziano Vecellio (1490-1576), was one of the most celebrated artists of his era, yet little is known about the personality and habits of the Venetian Renaissance master.
There is also the turning or conversion of Ottoman Aleppo (the city of flourishing trade, international commerce, and ethnic coexistence) into Christian Venice, even if this is a double conversion--that of Aleppo into Venice, and of Catholic Venice (i.e., Cesare Vecellio's Venice, for instance, which admires and emulates Ottoman material life) (74)--into a Protestant London inimical to the Mirk.
Como a Rafaello de Urbino, Antonio da Correggio, Francesco Parmigiano, Giulio Romano, Polidoro, e muito mais, ao nosso Tiziano Vecellio. Todos com a estupenda obra de suas pinturas adornaram Roma e quase toda Italia, e deram tao grande resplendor a pintura, que talvez nao se encontre por muitos seculos quem alcance fulgor semelhante.
Titian, who was born in around 1488 and named Tiziano Vecellio, completed the painting completed over more than a decade between 1546 and 1558s.
This altarpiece, originally from Belluno, has traditionally been attributed to Titian's much less talented brother Francesco Vecellio; but as Lucco points out, it is notably superior to Francesco's other efforts, and there is a strong argument for regarding the composition as by Titian himself, and for seeing his hand in the more fluent passages.
Shawn Vecellio is a professor in the Teacher Education Department at The National Hispanic University, San Jose, California