Vector Field

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vector field

[′vek·tər ‚fēld]
The field of vectors arising from considering a system of differential equations on a differentiable manifold.
A function whose range is in a vector space.
A field which is characterized by a vector function.
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Vector Field


a region, at each point P of which a vector a(P) is assigned. Mathematically, a vector field can be defined in a given region G by the vector function a(P) of the variable point P of this region. A whole series of physical phenomena and processes (for example, the vectors of the velocities of a moving fluid’s particles at each moment of time form a vector field) lead to the concept of a vector field. Vector-field theory has been extensively developed and has diverse applications in various branches of natural science.


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Let f : Mn [right arrow] [R.sup.n+1] be a frontal with a unit normal vector field v.
Let V be a vector field along [alpha] such that it is a curve's infinitesimal variation.
In this paper we present a novel motion planning method for a differential drive mobile robot using two-dimensional vector fields. This method requires that the given path for a mobile robot control system must be specified as a set of the reference points that we will call here the "nodal" points.
(1) Let [??](m, [epsilon]) be the mean curvature vector field of [[phi].sub.[epsilon]] at m [member of] S, then
If v and w are two vector fields defined in a neighborhood of S, then the covariant derivative [[nabla].sup.S.sub.v]w is equal, at x [member of] S, to the orthogonal projection of [D.sub.v]w, projected orthogonally to the tangent space [T.sub.x]S (cf.
For a vectorial case, if we have a vector field H(r), then it can be treated as a dual 1-cochain H on the dual mesh as:
The system is described by a switched nonlinear differential equation with piecewise smooth vector fields. Reconstructed image pixels were obtained by using the initial value problem of differential equations describing the dynamical system, for example, a continuous-time image reconstruction (CIR) system.
It is well known that a cooperative vector field satisfies the following Kamke condition (see [22, Remark 1.1, pp.
Therefore, since both the Einstein and energy-momentum tensors are diagonal, only one component of the Lyra displacement vector field may be nonzero and its other components should be zero.
The key of MA-R algorithm is how to compute the motion vector field of each non-key frame, which is described as follows.
A vector field V on a semi-Riemannian manifold ([bar.M], [bar.g]) is an ACV ifand only if