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river in south Arkhangelsk Oblast, RSFSR, a left tributary of the Vaga, in the Severnaia Dvina Basin. Length, 223 km; area of basin, 5,390 sq km. In its upper reaches it flows through a weakly contoured valley, and farther down through a broad valley where the river meanders considerably; in the lower reaches the valley becomes more narrow. The Podiuga, from the left, is the major tributary of the Vel’. The average annual water flow is 47.7 cu m per sec, near the village of Balamutovskaia. The river is used for floating logs. The city of Vel’sk is located at the mouth of the Vel’ River.



Vel’iu, a river in Komi ASSR; a left tributary of the Pechora. Length, 173 km; area of basin, 4,110 sq km. The Vel’ rises in the Aiiuva Upland and flows through marshy taiga. It is winding and fed primarily by snow. Its tributaries on the right are the Bol’shoi Tebuk and the Nibel’. It is used for floating logs.

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Moving off the VEL therefore requires two decisions about the direction and the distance:
Tentative official political intervention in the legacy of Vichy, as demanded by the Vel' d'Hiv' Committee '42, would go beyond symbolic gesture and, perhaps, accelerate as yet unresolved legal cases, obtain compensation for Jewish victims, and acknowledge the pertinence of the past, today, and in the future.
Subsonic is subsonic, and you don't need Super Vel for that (but it is damn nice of them anyway).
* Assistance in the optimization of products and processes, as needed (if a company [i] can still not justify the acquisition of the VEL for budgetary considerations or the allocation of resources to properly use it, [ii] in overload situations, or [iii] with other laboratory or computing tools complementing the VEL)
The Super Vel bullet is the very definition of expansion.
Unfortunately, Super Vel had done such a good job of innovating that it put itself out of business, closing the doors in 1974.
Renault had revealed a Vel Satis concept in 1998 which was marketwrapped in a very sumptuous way and the indications were that the futuristic concept had so much in the wayof resources pumped into it that production was inevitable.
The Vel is gnanasakthi; Valli-ichasakthi; Theivayanai-Kriyasakthi.
Bernardo utilizza il principio nel quadro delle questioni riguardanti il governo della diocesi, i rapporti tra vescovo e capitolo cattedrale, le procedure deci-sionali dei capitolo: <<Sciendum est igitur, quod in his quae a capitulo fieri vel ordinari debent, omnium consensus est requirendus, ut quod omnes tangit ab omnibus comprobetur>> (4).
With the discovery of the gene behind the Vel blood group, medical scientists can now develop a more reliable DNA test to identify people who lack this group.