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a lake in Novgorod Oblast, RSFSR, 30 km southwest of Valdai. Area, about 35 sq km. The entire basin of the Lake Vel’e was joined to the basin of Lake Shlino by means of a blind dam that was constructed at the source of the Iavon River. Through Lake Shlino and the river emerging from it, the Shlina, the waters of Lake Vel’e feed the Tsna River, which forms part of the Vyshnii Volok water system.

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Vele's diverse industry experience includes serving as vice president, estimating, for Henegan Construction Co.
This, then, is Perino & Vele's intention: to push us, with only a few elements, to think about one of the most powerful concerns of our time.
Here Perino & Vele's customary procedure returned to the surface, but with a difference: The blanket was no longer an added factor, an element of protection, and even less a new skin for an object with a recognizable form.
"We opted for Veles as our business destination because the city has an industrial history that will be of help to us in recruiting staff.
The location of the factory will be known in a few weeks, but, according to Minister Samak's information, the shortlisted sites are Veles and Kavadarci.
Slavco Cadiev, Mayor of Veles Municipality said that he would inform about the investment once a contract has been signed with the investors from Slovakia.
Outside the Kosturnica Memorial in Veles, one of the most important cultural events in Macedonia was opened by Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska.
Todor Pendarov analyzes for Utrinski Vesnik the judgment in the Veles Court which rejected the appeal of Veles' resident the Government to pay damages that would be used for overhaul of the catastrophic pollution of the environment and the consequences that the Smelter caused in Veles.
Ilija Dimovski from ruling VMRO-DPMNE shoulder to shoulder with Marjanco Nikolov from SDSM and Andrej Zernovski from LDP protested together with the residents of Veles against the announced restart of the smelting plant in Veles.
At the request of Bulgaria's Enekod, which says it is Feni's owner, the procedure at the Veles Court of assessing whether the company should go into receivership has been stopped.
That is the case with "Porcelanka" factory in Veles that is now managed by Indian Group "BRG" for making steel products and kitchen utensils made of stainless steel.