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purple sail:

see jellyfishjellyfish,
common name for the free-swimming stage (see polyp and medusa), of certain invertebrate animals of the phylum Cnidaria (the coelenterates). The body of a jellyfish is shaped like a bell or umbrella, with a clear, jellylike material filling most of the space between
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; polyp and medusapolyp and medusa,
names for the two body forms, one nonmotile and one typically free swimming, found in the aquatic invertebrate phylum Cnidaria (the coelenterates). Some animals of this group are always polyps, some are always medusae, and some exhibit both a polyp and a medusa
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Velella (he's chainnan of the Senate Insurance Committee) has turned out to be very effective when dealing with insurance problems.
According to the website Jelly Watch, the Velella - which have a 'sail' they use to travel across oceans - are not exactly dangerous to humans, but they can sting and capture small prey.
Velella from other libraries in our network,'' said Boylston Library Assistant Director Lynn Clermont, "who said his program was the best one they'd ever had.
All this was summarized by then-Assistant New York State Senate Majority Leader, Guy Velella in a Letter stating: "As a New York State Senator, I resent the fact that important policies concerning the regulation of the insurance industry are being set by a private board that is not open to the public, elected by no one, and not subject to public disclosure.
Table 1 Cnidarian jellyfish species used for feeding experiments of phyllosoma larvae Class Order Species Number of Experiments Scyphozoa* Semaeosiomeae Aurelia aurita > 10 Aurelia aurita > 10 (ephyraev and young medusae) Chrysaora pacifiea > 10 Sanderia malayensis 4 Rhizostomeae Mastigias papua 2 Nemopilema nomurai Hydrozoa Anthomedusae Nemopsis dofleini 4 Spirocodon saltalor > 10 Velella velella 1 Leptomedusae Aequorea S coerulescens Siphonophorae Physalia physafis 1 Cubozoa Cubomedusae Carybdea rastoni 2 * Bell diameters of scyphozoan medusae used for the examinations ranged from 30 to 100 mm.
(OTCQB: TBSS.OB), an international service company with service contracts in gold mining, oil drilling, water well drilling, trenching and construction, has changed its earlier Letter of Intent to acquire Velella International Lighting Inc, to a purchase of certain corporate assets of Velella.
One of the swarm of jellyfish-like by-the-wind-sailors, Velella velella, washed up on the beach at Harlech
The scientists also collected jellyfish called by-the-wind sailors (Velella velella).
The bizarre creatures - scientific name Velella velella - get their name from an upright "float" that catches the wind to propel them for thousands of miles.
velella velella, hymn-notes to the ocean, a myriad beached
(Gastropoda); Carinaria cithara Benson 1835 (Heteropoda); a chondrophore, Velella velella (Hydrodia); Lepas spp.
The small blue colonial hydroids, known as Velella Velella or By-The-Wind-Sailors, shoal in vast numbers.