Veliev, Ali Kara Ogly

Veliev, Ali Kara Ogly


Born 1901, in the village of Aguli, now Sisianskii Raion, Armenian SSR. Azerbaijani Soviet writer; member of the CPSU since 1925. A farm laborer, then a rabkor and a Party worker. First appeared in print in 1924.

Veliev is the author of novels dedicated to the themes of the construction of socialism— Gakhraman (1941; Russian translation, The Elapsed Years, 1958), In Our Chichekli (1951; Russian translation, 1956), Sincere Friends (1956; Russian translation, Campfires, 1959), and The Road to Turadzhly (1958-59)-and the novellas Giul’shen (1949) and Recollections of Budag (books 1-2, 1963-64). Veliev devotes attention to children’s themes in the short stories “A Gift to the Children” (1962), “To My Dear Grandchildren” (1964), and “Little Star” (1967). His works contain a great deal of ethnographic information.


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Anagïz.Baku, 1965.
Äsärläri,6 vols.; vols. 1-4—. Baku, 1968-70.


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