Veliko-Anadol Forest Tract

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Veliko-Anadol’ Forest Tract


a forest tract in Donets Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, 50 km southwest of the city of Donetsk and 3 km from the Veliko-Anado’ station. Located on the watershed of the Dnieper and the rivers flowing into the Sea of Azov. Total area, 2,550 hectares (ha), of which 2,200 ha are covered with forest (1968). The soils are mainly ordinary medium-humic chernozems on loesslike loams. Ground water is at a depth of 6-23 m.

The Veliko-AnadoF forest tract was created by the planting of trees and shrubs in the open steppe in 1845 by the forester V. E. Graff, who used large five- to six-year-old saplings of oak, ash, maple, elm, and other varieties. Graffs successor, L. G. Bark, used a more economical planting of one- and two-year-old seedlings. Subsequently the foresters Kh. S. Polianskii, N. Ia. Dakhnov, and especially G. N. Vysotskii (who from 1892 was head of the Veliko-Anadol’ sector) and the expedition of V. V. Dokuchaev refined the agrotechnics of planting, the selection of varieties, and the types of mixtures. The best results were produced by mixed plantings of oak with accompanying varieties—maple, linden, hornbeam, and others—as well as shrubs.


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