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a city, administrative center of Vel’sk Raion Arkhangel’sk Oblast, RSFSR. Located on the Vel’ River, at its confluence with the Vaga River (Severnaia Dvina Basin). Its railroad station is on the Konosha-Kotlas line, Population, 19,000 (1968). Vel’sk is a center of a lumber procurement and agricultural region. It is a base for timber transport and has a mechanical repair plant and meat and dairy combines. It also has an agricultural technicum, a technicum of accounting and economics and a museum of local lore. Vel’sk was first mentioned in the year 1137 and became a city in 1780.

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(19) In a lengthy study of the phenomenon Sergei Ivanov is able to provide only a single instance where an individual took his own life: Kirill of Velsk, a figure very much on the margins of iurodstvo.
A regional court in Arkhangelsk sent the case back to a district court the northern city of Velsk for a fresh review of his sentence.