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a nation; the basic population of Venezuela. According to a 1968 estimate, there are approximately 8.7 million Venezuelans. They speak Spanish and are Catholic. The fundamental nucleus of the Venezuelan people was formed as a result of the mixing of various ethnic groups: Spanish and Basque immigrants, aboriginal Indians, including Arawaks, Chibchas, and Caribs, and Negro slaves brought from Africa or the West Indies. Thus, the Venezuelans are one of the most mixed peoples of Latin America. The basic stock is Spanish-Indian mestizo (in the north, often with Negro admixture), about 10 percent are Negroes, mulattoes, and zambos, and 12-15 percent are white. Among the gainfully employed population the agricultural proletariat and land-starved peasantry prevail. A significant number of workers are employed in the petroleum industry.


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Meanwhile, a small majority of Venezuelans say they would like to remain in their country.
Palomo notes, "Many of the 142,540 Venezuelans who arrived in the Dominican Republic, according to figures recorded by the Dominican Central Bank in 2016, headed for cities such as Santiago de los Caballeros or Punta Cana.
Earlier this year, Peru began issuing special temporary resident permits to Venezuelans, allowing them to study, work, access health services, and pay taxes while their immigration papers are being processed, or until they can return home.
In 2016, the Venezuelan government engaged in minimal bilateral law enforcement cooperation with the United States.
Venezuela is close to economic collapse," said Carlos Pereira, president of Venezuelan American Democratic Club in Miami, who took part in a public rally of several thousand Venezuelan-Americans April 21 in Coconut Grove, Fla.
Caracas, March 6 (Xinhua-ANI): Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died Tuesday in a military hospital in Caracas, Vice President Nicols Maduro announced on the national radio and television.
His father, an American from California, and his mother, a Venezuelan from the interior, provided him an education in the bi-lingual environment created by the foreign oil industries.
DOHA THE biopic on the adventurous life of Venezuelan revolutionary figure Francisco de Miranda titled Miranda Regresa (Miranda Returns) was screened at the Qatar National Theatre on Monday.
What has begun here is the rescue of freedom, of peace, of justice, and of conciliation among Venezuelans.
c There is an elite and a large middle class (largely the result of oil revenue), with more than a third of Venezuelans living in poverty.
Ninety two percent of Venezuelans live and work in urban centers, and many Caracans scoffed at Chavez's suggestion that barrio residents "raise crops and chickens on their balconies.
The charm of Chavez is clearly wearing thin among Venezuelans," says Sweeney, who has followed Latin American politics for decades.