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A small tube that can be inserted into a body cavity, duct, or vessel.
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a hollow tube with a blunt end designed for intro-ducing into the human (or animal) body drugs or X-ray contrastmedia, restoring the patency of the respiratory tract, or with-drawing fluids from the body cavities. It is also used for anatomi-cal, pathologicoanatomic, and laboratory studies. Cannulas aremade of metal, glass, or plastic.

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The Trust apologised to Mrs J and agreed to review its practice and procedures in relation to the application of venflons and to take immediate steps to improve record-keeping.
A percutaneous venous cannula (Venflon; Becton Dickinson) was inserted into the radial vein for blood sampling for NPY, catecholamines, and metanephrines.
A 19 gauge venflon was inserted into the antecubital vein 30 min prior to study B.
Inside the operation theater patients were started with 18 gauge venflon in the left radial vein after local infiltration with 0.5 ml of 2% lignocaine using a 26g needle.
Blood was withdrawn from a vein in the forearm using a standard Venflon cannula at the time of induction of anesthesia before joint-replacement surgery.
A Venflon [R] catheter was placed in a brachial vein, and a microdialysis probe (see below) was inserted into it.