Veniamin Alekseevich Demin

Demin, Veniamin Alekseevich


Born Sept. 30 (Oct. 13), 1908, in Ulan-Ude. Soviet architect.

Demin graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture in 1936. He collaborated with E. V. Vuchetich on the creation of monuments, reliefs, and compositions of many figures in the ensemble of the V. I. Lenin Volga-Don Canal (1951-58), including the monuments The Consolidation of the Fronts at the 13th lock (1953-55) and V. I. Lenin at the entrance to the Tsimliansk Sea (1956-58). He participated in the creation of a monument-ensemble to the heroes of the battle of Stalingrad in Volgograd (1963-67; Lenin Prize, 1970). Demin was awarded four orders and also medals.