Veniamin Nikolaevich Solovev

Solov’ev, Veniamin Nikolaevich


Born 1798; died 1871. Decembrist; baron.

Solov’ev was descended from a noble family of Riazan’ Province. He was staff captain of the Chernigov Infantry Regiment. In February 1825 he was accepted into the Society of the United Slavs. Solov’ev consistently upheld republican ideals and advocated regicide and armed struggle against the autocracy. He took part in the uprising of the Chernigov Regiment. He was sentenced to death by a court-martial; however, the sentence was commuted to a life term of hard labor. Solov’ev began his term in Siberia in 1827 and was transferred to an exile settlement in 1840. In 1856, Solov’ev returned to Riazan’ Province, where he died.