Vent stack

vent stack

[′vent ‚stak]
(building construction)
The portion of a soil stack above the highest fixture.
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Vent stack

A vertical pipe connected with all vent pipes carrying off gases from a building. It extends through the roof and provides an outlet for gases and contaminated air and also aids in maintaining a water seal in the trap.
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vent stack, main vent

vent stack
A vertical vent pipe installed primarily for the purpose of providing
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If the vent stack is less than 3-inches in diameter, it can be cut off close to the attic's floor and a new pipe of a minimum of 3-inches in diameter attached to the smaller section with an adapter.
Oatey's market-leading products include solvent cements for joining plastic pipe and fittings, vent stack roof flashings, solder and flux for joining copper pipe, washing machine outlet boxes, Sure-Vent air admittance valves, residential and light commercial drains and other related plumbing specialty products.
Yorkshire Water Services Ltd, fenced compound to enclose a below ground sewage pumping station, including three weatherproof plant enclosures and a vent stack to provide a foul sewer connection for homes on Quaker Lane and concrete access track from Chiltern Way, land off Chiltern Way, Hightown, Liversedge.
The second method allows the reporter to measure the emissions from the blowdown using a flow meter on the blow down vent stack.
It could also be that you are smelling the sewer gas exhausting from the plumbing vent stack on the roof.
Ariens advised that NAV Canada has approved the location of the vent stack, and an application was made to the Ministry of the Environment for a Certificate of Approval for the vent stack emissions, noting that their studies indicated that they met the requirements for air quality.
If you've had a number of extremely cold days in a row, it's possible that your sewer vent stack has iced over.
Natural gas pipes and monoethylene glycol pipes will be built under the plans and the processing plant will be modified, including the addition of a 60m-high vent stack.
Mischel said the project's stakeholders have also been working hard to make sure the new installation will blend in with its surroundings and the city permit application said the facility will be disguised as a vent stack.
When the plant's isomerization unit--which boosts the level of octane in gasoline--was later restarted, an atmospheric vent stack overfilled with highly flammable hydrocarbon liquid and vapor.
Replace your furnace (AFUE 90% efficient minimum) with a unit that still uses the vent stack, and select a condensing unit of at least 14 SEER.