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Ventura Publisher

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A Windows desktop publishing program from Corel. Corel Ventura is a full-featured program suited for producing books and other long documents and includes several graphics functions from CorelDRAW.

Formerly Ventura Publisher
Corel Ventura was originally Ventura Publisher, which was developed by a company later acquired by Xerox. Early versions of Ventura Publisher were available for DOS, Windows, OS/2 and the Mac. In 1993, Corel acquired Ventura and has continually enhanced it. The DOS version came with its own GUI-based control program (see GEM).
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Most frustrating for me was our inability to load Ventura Publisher 4.0 on our networked PCs.
The various elements of a page of a Whelen document are merged using Ventura Publisher. Gem, a Windows-like operating environment for Ventura, provides typographical control for the electronic paste-up process.
Once I finished editing a set of electronic files from WordPerfect, they were taken by someone in the funding organization, who laid out the pages using Ventura Publisher. This person didn't know the publishing convention of one space, and so left my two spaces after each sentence in the text.
Also a pioneer in the field and now offered in a Windows edition, Ventura Publisher 4.0 from Ventura Software, Inc., integrates scanning, page layout and final film steps into one package.
Ventura Publisher ranks lowest among our respondents, at 78 percent, which may reflect its reputation in the user community as a more difficult program to learn (Ventura is an "integrated" program, that provides the user with both word processing and page makeup capabilities).
In the early days of desktop publishing, Ventura Publisher on the PC was one of the most popular programs.
Ventura Software recently tested a large-scale manufacturer's rebate offer for Ventura Publisher (list price $895) and FormBase ($495).
Poorbaugh weighed the options and decided on Xerox Corp.'s Ventura Publisher software.

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