Vera Kholodnaia

Kholodnaia, Vera Vasil’evna


Born 1893 in Poltava; died Feb. 17, 1919, in Odessa. Russian motion-picture actress.

Kholodnaia first appeared in films as an extra in 1914. She became one of Russia’s first movie stars and a great favorite with the public. Kholodnaia mainly acted in films by the directors E. F. Bauer and P. I. Chardynin. After making the films Mirages (1915) and A Life for a Life (1916), she appeared in Forget About the Fireplace; the Fire Has Gone Out in It; Be Still, Sorrow, Be Still; The Woman Who Invented Love; The Living Corpse; and The Last Tango, all in 1917–18.


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who might have gotten the girl in one reel but usually lost her by the last," (287), or Vera Kholodnaia, "the peerless product of Russia's dream factories," before she died at age 26 in the flu epidemic of 1918?