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in law, an attempt or threat, going beyond mere words, to use violence, with the intent and the apparent ability to do harm to another. If violent contact actually occurs, the offense of batterybattery,
in criminal and tort law, the unpermitted touching of any part of the person of another, or of anything worn, carried by, or intimately associated at that moment (as a chair being sat on) with another.
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 has been committed; modern criminal statutes often combine assault and battery. An assault may be both a crime and a torttort,
in law, the violation of some duty clearly set by law, not by a specific agreement between two parties, as in breach of contract. When such a duty is breached, the injured party has the right to institute suit for compensatory damages.
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, for which the party assaulted may sue for damages; the victim's freedom, as to move or remain at peace, must have been impinged on. Modern criminal statutes recognize certain degrees of assault (e.g., with intent to kill, to do great bodily harm, to rape) as aggravated assaults and felonies, though simple assault remains, as at common lawcommon law,
system of law that prevails in England and in countries colonized by England. The name is derived from the medieval theory that the law administered by the king's courts represented the common custom of the realm, as opposed to the custom of local jurisdiction that
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, a misdemeanor. Either malevolence or recklessness (as in driving a car in reckless disregard of human life) may constitute the intent necessary to assault in most jurisdictions.


See W. L. Prosser, Handbook of the Law of Torts (3d ed. 1964).

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Final phase of an attack; closing with the enemy in hand-to-hand fighting.
The landing of troops for attack on the enemy's beach defenses.
The landing of parachute and glider elements on unsecured and unprepared drop zones and landing zones to attack and seize an airhead.
A short, violent, but well-ordered attack against a local objective, such as a gun emplacement, fort, or machine gun nest.
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famous horse in history of thoroughbred racing. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 1273]
See: Horse
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Law an intentional or reckless act that causes another person to expect to be subjected to immediate and unlawful violence
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According to him, 'if parents knew the long term effects (of verbal assault) they would rather do it less frequently.
Verbal assault is very deadly as it directly hits the soul, spirit and body of the recipient.
Even the ultra-rightist daily Jomhuri Eslami was offended by the verbal assault. Jomhuri Eslami also said that when her male relatives put themselves between Faezeh and her assailants, they were tasered.
Hatton, meanwhile, has laughed off suggestions that Mayweather's insults and verbal assaults will upset his preparation.
But he was never seriously tested thereafter, while Bradford boss Colin Todd was also sent off shortly before the interval after appearing to launch a verbal assault on the fourth official.
Lawson of the Eastern District of Michigan says the Mount Pleasant school district's "verbal assault" policy that Smith was accused of violating, and a state law on which it was based, were "unconstitutionally vague and overbroad."
In a subset of 83 patients (excluding those who had taken the drug for less than 21 days or had used disallowed concurrent medications), there were also significant reductions in subscales measuring irritability, verbal assault, assault against others, and assault against property, he said.
And as emotions threatened to boil over Buckie coach Robbie Nicol was sent to the stand after a verbal assault on the linesman just before the break.
After a series of court appearances whose origin was a ease of verbal assault on a Zug bus driver, Leibacher repeatedly expressed to authorities his disdain for the government and even made threats should his case not be attended to more seriously.
Among the complaints was the assertion that management's prohibition of verbal assault was an unfair labor practice.
To hear marketing professionals tell it, insurers are easy targets for verbal assault because of the very nature of the product.
Every day was an adventure, and it all came to a climax one Sunday afternoon on the road when the bigots in the stands joined the bigots in the field in a vicious verbal assault on the second baseman.