see Maggiore, LagoMaggiore, Lago
, or Verbano
, second largest lake in Italy, 82 sq mi (212 sq km), in the Alpine foothills of Piedmont and Lombardy. The lake is c.40 mi (65 km) long and has a maximum depth of c.1,220 ft (370 m).
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TTOs are instrumental in both (a) managing IP licensing activities and royalty streams for academically created IPs; and (b) may also attempt to commercialize these IPs by facilitating commercial startups/spinoffs initiated between university personnel and external business partners (Bigliardi, Galati, & Verbano, 2013; Council on Government Relations, 2007; Thursby, Fuller, & Thursby, 2009; Siegel, Veugelers, & Wright, 2007; Rosel & Agrawal, 2009; Nicholson, 2014).
Petroni, Venturini, and Verbano (2012), based on literature review, list several practices of OI among companies such as R&D outsourcing and alliances with private and public research centres; external stakeholders involvement (joint ventures, strategic collaboration on specific issues), licensing of other firms' IP; recourse to small but highly specialized research firms, participation in technology transfer programs and programs of public procurement.
The costs involved in clinical studies accounts on average for more than 70% of the total costs occurring throughout the DDA process (Bigliardi, Nosella, & Verbano, 2005).
Mazoms ir vidutinems imonems labiau nei didelems organizacijoms svarbu tureti rizikos valdymo strategija ir metodika, nes mazoms ir vidutinems imonems daznai truksta istekliu nedelsiant reaguoti i isorines gresmes, del kuriu galima patirti dideliu nuostoliu, kurie sukeltu didele gresme ju islikimui (Verbano, Venturini 2013).
Verbano, Nosella (2010) described many methods that allow making a decision whether investment projects should be undertaken, continued or killed.
The aim is to promote a policy that would enhance cross-border cooperation by studying - and wherever possible by implementing - joint projects to develop business, transport and communications, as well as environmental and cultural development in the Italian-Swiss border region and region of the three pre-Alpine lakes (Lario, Ceresio and Verbano).
Lake Maggiore, Italy's second biggest lake otherwise known as Verbano, offers a perfect backdrop for idyllic investment opportunities around the area.
9 Oct: Hotel la Palma au Lac, viale Verbano, Locarno, Ticino--Autumn Lunch

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