Verbitskaia, Anastasiia

Verbitskaia, Anastasiia Alekseevna


Born Feb. 10 (22), 1861, in Voronezh; died Jan. 16, 1928. Russian writer.

The principal themes of Verbitskaia’s topical but very superficial books are family life and interrelations between the sexes: the novella Discord (1887), the novels Vavochka (1898) and She Got Free (1899), the novella In a New Way (1902), and the play Whose Fault (1904). However, a certain protest is expressed in them against the abnormal upbringing of women in bourgeois-aristocratic society. In the novel Spirit of the Time (1908), she made an attempt at commenting on the events of 1905-07. In the later novels The Keys of Happiness (1909-13) and The Yoke of Love (1914-15), the problem of the emancipation of women is replaced by advocacy of “free” love and by sexual motifs, which made the novels popular primarily among bourgeois readers.


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