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C33H34N4O6 A green, crystalline pigment occurring in the bile of amphibians, birds, and humans; oxidation product of bilirubin in humans.



C33H34O8N33, a bile pigment; molecular mass 582.67. Green crystals. Biliverdin is an intermediate product of the decomposition of hemoglobin that occurs in macrophages of the liver, spleen, and bone marrow of vertebrate animals with the formation of the so-called verdoglobin, which then breaks down and liberates globin, iron, and biliverdin. The reduction of biliverdin leads to the formation of bilirubin. Biliverdin is also found in invertebrates (worms, crustaceans, insects).

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The shows include a video montage tribute to Verdine's late brother and founding member Maurice, who passed away in February, aged 74.
"My brother, hero and best friend Maurice White passed away peacefully last night in his sleep," White's brother and fellow band member, Verdine White, said in a statement posted on the band's Facebook page.
The company added that Dr Reid succeeds its CEO and co-founder Gregory Verdine, PhD, who will continue to serve as its president, chief scientific officer, chairman of its scientific advisory board as well as member of its board of directors and will retain his appointment as a venture partner with Third Rock Ventures.
Verdine and Tokyo University of Science's Takeshi Wada merged their respective start-ups, Ontorii Pharmaceuticals and Chiralgen, it gave WaVe its start in 2013.
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Quelle poi che si trovavano dall'altra parte sembravano opporre un troppo fragile schermo alla luce lunare, e quasi non fare ombra; leggere diluizioni giallognole verdine, s'indovinavano talvolta per questi corpi trasparenti.
"Some people can spot what is going to be extraordinary in five or 10 years, says Gregory Verdine, a chemistry professor who was lured out of a tenured position at Harvard to run another Third Rock company, Warp Drive Bio.
Rock musician Verdine White (Earth, Wind & Fire) is 62.
The proprietary technology of Warp Drive Bio was created by scientist Gregory Verdine and developed at Third Rock Ventures for two years.