Verdun, Treaty of 843

Verdun, Treaty of (843)


the treaty on the partition of the empire of Charlemagne; it was concluded by his grandsons Lothair, Louis the German, and Charles the Bald in Verdun. Lothair, retaining the imperial title, received Italy and the broad band of lands along the Rhine and the Rhône; Louis the German, the lands east of the Rhine (East Frankish Kingdom); and Charles the Bald, the lands west of the Rhine (West Frankish Kingdom). The division of the Frankish state with the Treaty of Verdun corresponded to the borders of settlement of the then-developing French, German, and Italian nationalities; it in fact laid the beginning for the existence of three major states: France, Germany, and Italy.


Der Vertrag von Verdun 843, 9th ed. Edited by Th. Mayer. Leipzig, 1943.
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