Verkhniaia Svir Hydroelectric Power Plant

Verkhniaia Svir’ Hydroelectric Power Plant


situated on the Svir’ River in Leningrad Oblast, RSFSR. Construction of the plant was begun in 1935; it was interrupted in 1941 because of the war and resumed in 1947. The plant was put into operation in 1952. Its installed capacity is 160 megawatts (160,000 kW). Its average annual production is 620 million kW-hr. The hydroengineering complex consists of a 111-m three-span concrete spillway dam, an adjoining 117.8-m hydroelectric power plant, a 312.8-m hydraulic-fill dam with a maximum height of 31 m, and a single-lift navigation lock. The total length of the delivery front is 620 m. The machine room is equipped with rotary-blade hydraulic turbines. The electrical energy is transmitted to the United Energy System of the Northwest by high-tension transmission lines at 220 kilovolts.