Verkhoyansk Range

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Verkhoyansk Range,

mountain chain, c.600 mi (970 km) long, E Siberian Russia, in the Sakha Republic. It forms a vast arc along the Lena and Aldan rivers and rises to c.8,150 ft (2,480 m) in the south. There are coal, silver, lead, and zinc deposits. The world's lowest temperatures for inhabited places have been recorded in this region.
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As we left the flat plain of the mighty Lena, the road began to twist and turn, leading us into untouched hills and on towards the Verkhoyansk Mountains. Beneath their snow-clad peaks, the slopes became steeper and the valleys deeper.
The Verkhoyansk Mountains present an orographic barrier of the area in the west.
The book defines Beringia as a vast piece of terrain that extends 4000 km from the Verkhoyansk Mountains in the west to the Mackenzie River in the east.