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Russ Hartshorn, who owns the Nick Littmoden-trained Vertumnus, was full of praise for the youngster.
Los rostros de Otono y de Vertumnus consisten en acopios abigarrados de cuerpos vegetales.
Look at the apple and the peach--/Round, red, and fresh--/That form both cheeks;/Turn your mind to my eyes--/One is a cherry,/The other a red mulberry," exclaimed Vertumnus in Comanini's poem, as if surprised by his own fantastic appearance.
It is understandable that Vertumnus, the god of vegetation, (the green man) was offered wreaths of flowers and the first garden fruits.
Mr Watson has produced more than 30 novels and nine collections of short stories, the most recent of these being The Coming of Vertumnus.
Van der Hamen's Offering to Flora (Madrid, Prado) and Pomona and Vertumnus (Madrid, Banco de Espana Collection) are among his mythological works, the latter read by Jordan as an allegory of marriage.
ed Vertumnus, or to Ceres in her prime, Yet virgin of Proserpina from Jove.
1, 800-25), from Antoninus Bassianus Caracalla to Vertumnus sire Annus Recurrens (with Tres Sibyllae).
You seem, my book, to be looking wistfully toward Vertumnus and Janus [booksellers], in order, forsooth, that you may go on sale, neatly polished with the pumice of the Sosii.
Vertumnus then so dazzled her by his true appearance that she submitted to him.
Oddly enough, there is a statue missing in the other versions, but it is not Hawthorne's Vertumnus covered with vines (95).
She resists a splendid series of proposals by Vertumnus in a variety of metamorphoses.