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England: see Saint AlbansSaint Albans
, city and district (1991 pop. 76,709), Hertfordshire, E central England. The market city of Saint Albans has printing, engineering, and clothing industries. Many of its residents work in London.
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El modelo, ademas de Ercauica, se repite en Verulamium (St Albans, Reino Unido) (Balty, 1991: 153-155) (Fig.
234, recoge la cita sobre las excavaciones de la ciudad romana de Verulamium (St Albans, Reino Unido) por parte del abad Eadmar para la construccion de la abadia de St Albans en el siglo X.
Verulamium, or Roman London, bewailing her loss of name and fame amid a
The British recount tales of Queen Boudicca, famous for leading a revolt against the Romans in AD 61 and sacking London, Colchester, and Verulamium after the death of her husband the king.
While there are traces of settlement beneath Roman Verulamium (today's St Albans) and Canterbury and close to the site of Roman Colchester, none of these resembles the evidence that we have here at Calleva of a planned town," he said.
Other exhibits reconstructing Roman Britain are found on the web pages for the Verulamium Museum, on St.
FUNARI, P.P.A.: 'Dressel 20 stamps from the Verulamium Museum', Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia da Universidade de Salo Paulo 9 (1999) 143-161.
Which British city contains the ruins of the Roman city of Verulamium?
The most significant discovery is that the kilns were producing Verulamium region white ware, indicating cooperation and trade.
But sometimes it is more serious, as in his 'Catyeuchlani' for Catuvellauni, 'Simeni' for Iceni, or 'Urolanium' for Verulamium, which Rivet and Smith (1979: 143) noted as some of the best-known toponyms in early Roman Britain.
The Ruins of Time accommodates both meanings as it presents the vanished city of Verulamium as a monument to mortality.