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England: see Saint AlbansSaint Albans
, city and district (1991 pop. 76,709), Hertfordshire, E central England. The market city of Saint Albans has printing, engineering, and clothing industries. Many of its residents work in London.
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While there are traces of settlement beneath Roman Verulamium (today's St Albans) and Canterbury and close to the site of Roman Colchester, none of these resembles the evidence that we have here at Calleva of a planned town," he said.
Other exhibits reconstructing Roman Britain are found on the web pages for the Verulamium Museum, on St.
Dressel 20 stamps from the Verulamium Museum', Revista do Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia da Universidade de Salo Paulo 9 (1999) 143-161.
The most significant discovery is that the kilns were producing Verulamium region white ware, indicating cooperation and trade.
But sometimes it is more serious, as in his 'Catyeuchlani' for Catuvellauni, 'Simeni' for Iceni, or 'Urolanium' for Verulamium, which Rivet and Smith (1979: 143) noted as some of the best-known toponyms in early Roman Britain.
The Ruins of Time accommodates both meanings as it presents the vanished city of Verulamium as a monument to mortality.
These included sundry old coins, including a groat and a silver something-or-other of Maria Theresa; a Roman whelk-shell and two rusty Roman nails, from Verulamium (obtained legitimately from a tray of trivia in return for a modest donation), and various shards of Roman and pre-Roman pottery from digs at which I was myself a camp-follower; Popery -- the Great Corrupter of Christianity: A Sermon preached at Salters Hall, Jan 9th 1734 by John Barker (Price Four Pence), bought 220 years later for more or less its original price; two sinister but elegant Nazi campaign medals, given to me in Germany by Freddie, our local housekeeper's amiable boyfriend, who had no further need of them; and a large but battered ammonite.
The poet moves the scene of battle westward from Camulodunum (Colchester), Londinium (London), and Verulamium (St.
Birth and early career unknown; following his praetorship, he campaigned against the Mauritanians and was the first Roman to cross the Atlas mountains (41); suffect consul (chosen to fill out the office of another) (42); as governor of Britain (58-61), he moved against the Druid stronghold on the Isle of Mona (Anglesey), but was caught unprepared by Boudicca's revolt (61); abandoned Londinium (London) and Verulamium (St.
ST MICHAEL'S MANOR, ST ALBANS WHERE AND WHY St Michael's Manor is a family-run country manor house in historic St Albans (or Verulamium if you're an ancient Roman).
He, expert Paul Blinkhorn and the rest of the team are searching for Roman treasure and have high hopes of a good find as the boozer lies within the walls of the ancient town Verulamium.