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(Virtual Execution System) The runtime engine in the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). It is the CLI counterpart to the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR). See .NET Framework.
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(1) A Balto-Finnic tribe. According to the chronicle, it inhabited the Beloe Lake region; according to available toponymic data, it occupied the territory from the eastern Lake Ladoga region to the Beloe Lake region. There are grounds to suppose that to the Arabian geographers of the tenth to 14th centuries, the Ves’ were known as the Visu people, who lived to the north of Bulgaria on the Volga-Kaina in the vicinity of the Iugra. Bulgarian merchants traded with the Ves’, exporting fur in exchange for metal articles. In the ninth century, a group of Ves’ from the Beloe Lake region had already become part of Kievan Rus’. Gradually part of the Ves’ became Russianized. The Vepsy and apparently the Karelian-Ludiki are descendants of the Ves’ The settlements and burial grounds of the Ves’ have been very little researched; only burial mounds from the ninth to 13th centuries have been excavated in the eastern Lake Ladoga region.

(2) The name of a small village settlement of several Slavic peoples, now in existence.


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All motor vehicles from Dabravka heading to the city centre via Karlova Ves will have two lanes while traffic in the other direction will have one lane only.
Pseudo sections have been generated for seven VES, stacked along four profiles to portray the heterogeneity of resistivity with depth over the focuses considered in a profile (Fig.
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The first layer is the topsoil and has resistivity of 18.0 [ohm]m-71.0 [ohm]m in VES 1 to VES 6 while VES 7 to VES 9 have high resistivity values of between 71.8 [ohm]m-312.0 [ohm]m at the top soil with an average thickness of 1 m.
where L is the distance between electrodes; [U.sub.VES] is the voltage measured during VES; [I.sub.VES] is the current measured during VES.
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The resistivity survey line has a length of 60m with 4 VES points and one borehole.
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In this paper the basic resistivity (VES) data from granite terrain was subjected to a semiquantitative approach, namely, factor analysis, in order to eliminate the suppression effect from the overburden and to refine the depth to aquifers in a granite terrain.
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Ten Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) were made in the area using Schlumberger electrode array (Figure 3).