Vestnik Evropy

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Vestnik Evropy


(Journal of Europe). (1) A biweekly journal published in Moscow from 1802 to 1830. Founded by N. M. Karamzin. Along with literature and art, this journal elucidated problems of Russia’s foreign and domestic policy, as well as the history and political life of foreign countries. In 1814 Vestnik Evropy published A. S. Pushkin’s first poem, “To My Friend the Poet.” Beginning in 1815 the journal took a conservative direction.

(2) A monthly journal published in Petersburg from 1866 to 1918. The editor and publisher was M. M. Stasiulevich (through 1908). This journal paid particular attention to history and politics. Its contributors included such major scholars as K. A. Timiriazev, I. M. Sechenov, I. I. Mechnikov, S. M. Solov’ev, K. D. Kavelin, A. F. Koni, A. N. Veselovskii, A. N. Pypin, and D. N. Ovsianiko-Kulikovskii. The literary section printed works by I. S. Turgenev, I. A. Goncharov, A. N. Ostrovskii, P. D. Boborykin, and, during the 1880’s, M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin. Vestnik Evropy adhered to a bourgeois liberal tendency.


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