Vestnik Vremennogo Pravitelstva

Vestnik Vremennogo Pravitel’stva


(Herald of the Provisional Government), a daily newspaper, published in Petrograd from Mar. 5 (18) through Oct. 24 (Nov. 6), 1917, instead of the Pravitel’stvennyi vestnik. It published government appeals, laws and bills, decrees, diplomatic notes, and information from the fronts of World War I. The newspaper featured accounts of the sessions held by the government, the Provisional Committee of the State Duma, the State Conference, the Provisional Council of the Russian Republic (Preparliament), and other organizations. The materials printed in the Vestnik Vremennogo pravitel’stva testify to the unsuccessful struggle waged by the Provisional Government against the Bolshevik Party and the revolutionary movement. After the October Revolution the newspaper ceased publication.