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(named for its presence on Vesuvius), or idocrase, a mineral, a natural complex silicate containing in its structure isolated tetrahedrons of Si04 and paired groups of Si2O7. The following varieties are distinguished: chrome vesuvian (up to 4.3 percent Cr2O3), beryllium vesuvian (up to 9.20 percent BeO), cerium vesuvian (up to 16.7 percent Ce2O3), and vesuvian containing boron (up to 4.14 percent B2O3). It crystallizes in a tetragonal system. It forms crystals of prismatic or bipyramidal form and granular, compact masses. The color is light yellow-green, brownish-green, bright green, or dark brown to black, depending on the composition and admixtures. Its hardness on the mineralogical scale is 6.5; the density is 3,350-3,450 kg/m3. It is formed with limestones and dolomites at the junctures of plutonic magmatic rocks. The minerals usually associated with vesu-vian are garnet, chlorites, epidote, magnetite, and calcite.

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The chemical analysis performed on fish archaeological remains found in six vessels --dolia--at the 'Garum Shop' of Pompeii (Italy), allec samples obtained following the reconstruction process, and fresh anchovy show that different garum batches were being manufactured at the moment of the Vesuvian eruption and that some of them could have been in different stages of the preparation process.
While many things have yet to be set in Vesuvian volcanic stone, Salvatore is sure of one thing: "You're going to have Italian like you have never had before outside of Napoli."
His Vesuvian stream-of-consciousness conversation was part hipster, part genius, and, occasionally, off-putting.
Peschel cites two other 18th century travelers who maintained that "many boys were castrated in Naples" (23), and the Vesuvian city seems to have been home to more than one music conservatory that trained eunuchs.
The mood changes from the garage fun of The Marionettes to the urgent folk of The Lorelei's Hack Yourself, which bleeds into the sonic feedback of Vesuvian's Pull The Trigger.
Even as the bell sounds, Arria Marcella suffers a sort of spontaneous combustion, in a disquieting echo of the destruction of Pompeii itself, and Octavien--who has held to his beliefs with Vesuvian vehemence--is left forlorn: le malheureux promeneur nocturne ne vit plus a cote de lui, sur le lit du festin, qu'une pincee de cendres me1ee de quelques ossements calcines.
Broken veins, Vesuvian pimples and a nose you seem to have acquired from Coco the Clown?
There is a lump of massive pyromorphite from Anglesey (a rarity for the locality), a drawerful of Elba hematites of middling quality (obviously a favorite species at the time), and a plethora of "Vesuvian Hyacinths in the Matrix," most of which is well-crystallized vesuvianite from Vesuvius.
With clever and intelligent concepts like the 'Ark' and the 'Presidia', Slow Food looks after the defense of such items as the black celery of Trevi or the Vesuvian apricot.
Like a daily Vesuvian eruption, the mill's chimney spews ashes that darken the sky and float to earth in a free-fall of flaked pollution.
A FIRST NOVEL BY a writer born in Naples in 1960, this "story that is also about love" traces the adventures of Teodoro Faxa, an "anomalous romagnolo" displaced in the Vesuvian town of Maciulliaa, where he loves and works, neither very successfully.