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a city and administrative center of Ves’egonsk Raion, Kalinin Oblast, RSFSR. Railway terminal of a branch of the Sonkovo-Leningrad line. Landing on the western shore of the Rybinsk Reservoir. Population, 8,000 (1968). Lumber that is floated down the Mologa River is processed in the woodworking combine. There is a winery (60 percent of the wines are made from cranberries), a fish cannery, a flax-spinning mill, and a logging and timber distribution establishment in the city. A machine-building plant is being built there (1971). Ves’egonsk was founded in 1776.

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The deep friendship that develops between a Russian man and the wok who threatens his livelihood makes for enthralling cinema in "The Vesyegonsk's She-Wolf," about historical enemies (hunters and wolves) achieving harmony together.
Electronic auction: carrying out of works on restoration of a worn out covering of a motorway of general use of regional value tver - bezhetsk - vesyegonsk - ustyuzhna in bezhetsk, krasnokholmsky and vesyegonsky districts of the tver region.