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(1) An obsolete name for a military banner.

(2) A small unit in an army of knights in medieval Poland and Lithuania; from the 16th to 18th centuries, a small unit in the Polish-Lithuanian Army, corresponding to a company.

(3) A rectangular or triangular piece of cloth bearing the image of Christ or a saint, attached to a long staff by means of a crosspiece ; a religious banner carried during processions.

Table 1. Planted area, grain production, and state grain purchases in the primary regions of development of virgin and barren lands
 Planted area (million hectares)Grain yield (million tons)State grain purchases (million tons)
USSR ...............32.460.364.325.658.782.611.329.043.9
RSFSR ...............26.438.438.820.940.
Siberia and the Far East ...............
Urals ...............
Volga region ...............8.210.711.
Kazakh SSR ...............
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5-6 mm lata, apice acuta vel rotundata; inflorescentiae oppositifoliae satis laxae ad initium conicae, aetate cilindricae, 3-4(5) cm longae, 14-16 mm latae, 12-22 floribus; calyx 7-8 mm longus dense luteopilosus, glandulas nigras plurimas ferens; corolla lutea, vexillum obcordiforme ca.
As already mentioned, the vexillum on the reverse of some colonies' coinage occurs with a legionary name.
Quale vexillum de inimico gloriae suae extulit, cum ille homo ad omnem aceruum nunciorum, nihil ex ore promeret, nisi Deo gratias?
He reports that the crusaders were aided by the miraculous appearance of a large, shining host ("ecce vexillum admirabile excelsum valde et candidum, et cum eo multitudo militum innumera") but makes no reference to the warrior-saints.
Regem sequitur Signifer, qui vexillum gestat aureum tribus impressum bufonibus nigris: d'or a trois crapaux de sable.
In fact, as a teenager, Smith himself coined the term vexillology, by combining the Latin word for flag, vexillum, with the Greek root for the study of logia.
If only one petal is present, it is invariably the vexillum.
As Conrad may have often seen on the sea that was the cradle of his craft, the Vexillum Beati Georgi depicts in fact St George in a suit of armor, piercing the dragon (or monster) to save a maiden, just as Giorgio Viola does to defend Giselle's virtue (26) from Ramirez, the presumed thief.
Exploring biotic impacts from Carcinus maenas predation and Didemnum vexillum epibiosis on Mytilus edulis in the Gulf of Maine.
Vexillum is an interesting contender as he switches to the National Hunt sphere in the Wellpool Proud To Sponsor Steve Jakes Racing Juvenile Hurdle at Fontwell.