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a high official in certain Muslim countries, esp in the former Ottoman Empire. Viziers served in various capacities, such as that of provincial governor or chief minister to the sultan



title of ministers and highest dignitaries in many Islamic countries. In the Ottoman Empire the supreme or grand vizier (vezir-i-azam, sard-azam) headed the government (the Porte), issued orders (fermans) in the name of the sultan, and signed peace treaties. With the termination of the sultanate in Turkey (1922), this office was abolished.

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7) No doubt Mustafa was also influenced by the example of his father's favorite grand vezir, Nevsehirli Ibrahim Pasha (d.
Grand vezir Rag1b Pasha himself showed up at one of Mustafa's sessions during his first year, perhaps to satisfy himself that Mustafa was gainfully occupied.
These were the years when Trabzonspor was ascending quickly, and Vezir was on the cadre when the team won the championship without the help of any foreigners in its ranks.
Has geliri 100 bin akceden fazla olan ve sultan, sehzade, vezir, beylerbeyi gibi ust duzey memurlara verilen arazilerdi.
Ilk kez, vezir Rustem Pasa zamaninda uygulanan iltizam sisteminde (Cin,1978: 107), topragin vergi hakkini elinde bulunduracak kisi, bunun icin devlete pesin bir bedel odemek durumundaydi.
Misir Beglerbegisi olup mutekaid olan Ali Pasa'ya ba'dehu vezir olan Ferhad Pasa'ya hace ve musahib ve muterassid-i menasib rif'ati ruz-efsun ve Tali'i humayun olmakta iken .
Padisah, kendisini vezir yapmak istediyse de Seyhi'nin dusmanlari Sultan Murad'i bu fikrinden vazgecirmislerdir.