Viacheslav Radishchev

Radishchev, Viacheslav Petrovich


Born Mar. 11 (23), 1896, in Khvalynsk, in what is now Saratov Oblast; died Oct. 25, 1942, in Kazan. Soviet inorganic chemist. Great-great-grandson of A. N. Radishchev.

Radishchev graduated from the University of Saratov in 1924. He worked at the General Chemistry Laboratory of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR from 1931 and at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR from 1934. Radishchev studied hydrous and anhydrous saline systems consisting of four and five components and developed original methods for representing the compositions and properties of these systems based on multidimensional geometry.


Spravochnik po rastvorimosti. Vol. 2: Troinye i mnogokomponentnye sistemy. Moscow-Leningrad, 1963. (With others.)
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