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1. Church of England
a. (in Britain) a clergyman appointed to act as priest of a parish from which, formerly, he did not receive tithes but a stipend
b. a clergyman who acts as assistant to or substitute for the rector of a parish at Communion
c. (in the US) a clergyman in charge of a chapel
2. RC Church a bishop or priest representing the pope or the ordinary of a diocese and exercising a limited jurisdiction
3. Church of England a member of a cathedral choir appointed to sing certain parts of the services
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(1) In the Late Roman Empire the ruler of an administrative district, or diocese.

(2) In the Orthodox Church an assistant to the eparchial bishop in administering an eparchy.

(3) In the Roman Catholic Church there are general vicars, or assistants to bishops in administering church dioceses, and parish vicars, or assistants to parish priests (cures), who substitute for them when they are ill or absent. There are also apostolic vicars, or papal assistants, most of whom are in remote (missionary) regions. (In 1969 there were 83 apostolic vicars.)

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The Vicars Cross-based practice has been acquired from the Weinronk Pharmacies group and the deal will see the pharmacy rebranded as Vicars Cross Pharmacy to reflect its new ownership.
The winner of Amateur class number 130 "Display of cut flowers (any varieties) space allowed 3' x 4'" will be able to display the magnificent Lynton Vicars cup on the mantelpiece for a year.
A campaigner for gay rights, he gives talks at schools and has met several gay Church of England vicars. He says: "They seemed wonderfully pioneering.
The comedian said writer Richard Curtis is waiting for female vicars to be allowed to become bishops before relaunching it.
The issues that discourage people from getting married in church have been identified by the researchers, and how the Church is telling vicars to overcome them.
"We all struggle to behave well, but it's more extreme for vicars because they look sillier when things go wrong," he explains.
Poppy Finlay of Vicars Cross became the girl's champion with 158.
Normally vicars give three months' notice before they leave their parish, and with the busy Easter period coming up, it is unlikely that the new Vicar of Huddersfield will be ready to start work in the town until after then.
"There is a big shortage of vicars around here and people are suffering from that.
Far from being a busy season, Holy Week and Easter can be an easy time for vicars as they are carried along by the tide of events.
When the show began in 1994, the Church of England had, only months before, permitted the ordination of women and the central character was inspired by Joy Carroll, one of the first female vicars.
The death of Father Paul Bennett brought to five the number of vicars or Roman Catholic priests killed in England and Wales during the past 11 years.