Victoria Land

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Victoria Land,

part of E AntarcticaAntarctica
, the fifth largest continent, c.5,500,000 sq mi (14,245,000 sq km), asymmetrically centered on the South Pole and almost entirely within the Antarctic Circle. Geology and Geography

Antarctica consists of two major regions: W Antarctica (c.
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, S of New Zealand; Cape Adare is to the northeast. Bounded on the E by the Ross Sea and on the W by Wilkes Land, it consists of ranges of the Transantarctic Mts., with a high plateau in the interior. The region was first visited during the expedition (1839–43) of Sir James Clark Ross and was first carefully studied by the Douglas Mawson expedition (1911–14).
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Victoria Land


part of the territory of Antarctica located between 142° and 170° E long., extending south to 78° S lat. and reaching the Ross Sea in the west. The western part of Victoria Land is an extensive mountainous region with elevations of up to 4,025 m (Mount Lister). In the eastern part the mountains adjoin a glacial plateau with elevations of up to 2,500 m. The thickness of the ice in the central part of Victoria Land exceeds 2,000-2,500 m. The English expedition of J. C. Ross discovered the region in 1841 and named it after the queen of England. Victoria Land is being explored by antarctic research expeditions from the USA and New Zealand.

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Victoria Land

a section of Antarctica, largely in the Ross Dependency on the Ross Sea
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All these metamorphic successions are folded and deformed beneath the lower Beacon Supergroup, a flat-lying shallow marine clastic sequence of Early Devonian to Triassic age, preserved from the Pensacola Mountains to the Southern Victoria Land (Bradshaw, 1991).
The entire Patagonia is north of Northern Victoria Land, where some early Paleozoic terranes have been amalgamated with East Antarctica during the Ross Orogeny, as noticed since the early work of Bradshaw et al.
From Southern Victoria Land to Pensacola Mountains there is evidence of metamorphism and collision, but the counterpart is missing.
This supergroup was deposited on a regional unconformity surface well preserved from the Pensacola Mountains to the Southern Victoria Land, but it is absent in Northern Victoria Land as noticed by Bradshaw (1991).
A carbonate platform represented by the Shackleton Limestones was widely distributed from Argentine Ranges in northern Pensacola Mountains to Victoria Land, and developed as a forearc platform bearing a distinctive fauna Early Cambrian archeocyathids.
Southern Patagonia basement have many geological features in common with remaining basement of East Antarctica, mainly south of Southern Victoria Land. Both facts together with the occurrence of archeocyathids point out the potential connections of Patagonia with Eastern Gondwana during early Paleozoic sharing in common the Ross Orogen.
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When that happened, elephant seals capitalized on the newly opened habitat by migrating to the Victoria Land Coast from their nearest breeding site on Macquarie Island, where the animals still live today.
The book's dimensions (25.5 X 31 cm) illustrate to full advantage the remarkable photo record of this part of Victoria Land. Errors are few and of no consequence, involving proper geographic names.
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