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Australian Alps

Australian Alps, chain of mountain ranges, SE Australia, in the state of Victoria and New South Wales, making up the southern part of the Eastern Highlands and forming the watershed between the Murray River system and streams flowing into the Tasman Sea. It is the site of the Snowy Mts. hydroelectric project. Mt. Kosciuszko, 7,310 ft (2,228 m), is the highest peak in the chain and on the Australian continent.
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Australian Alps


a plateau in the southeastern part of Australia, the highest section of the Great Dividing Range.

The plateau is about 400 km long, up to 150 km wide, and 1,700–2,000 m high—the highest peak is Mount Kosciusko, 2,230 m, which is also the highest mountain of the continent. The plateau is a high-altitude horst massif broken up into individual mountain ranges, including the Gourock, Monaro, Munyang, and Barry. The plateau is composed of Paleozoic quartzites, shales, and limestones, permeated with granite intrusions. There are traces of Quaternary glaciations in some areas. The Murray, the main river of Australia, takes its course in the northwestern slopes of the Australian alps. Dense forests of eucalyptus and arborescent ferns grow up to an altitude of 1,200–1,300 m; above that grow crook-stem forests, underbrush, mountain meadows, and meadow marshes.


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The highest recorded observation of Grey Field Slug in the Victorian Alps is now 1650 m asl, from Basalt Hill, Bogong High Plains (Table 2).
The first recorded observations of European Wasp above 1500 m ASL in the Victorian Alps are from along the side of Road 23 (36.8684S 147.241E, 1545 m ASL) 17 Feb 2010 and Ropers Hut (36.8121S 147.3311E, 1725 m ASL) 1 Mar 2010.
Observations since 2010 support the hypothesis that suitable niches above 1500 m asl in the Victorian Alps are now occupied by European Honey Bee, Grey Field Slug and European Wasp.
The observations of European Honey Bee from 2011-12 across subalpine and alpine habitats are a concern, given only native bees (Halactidae and Colletidae) were observed visiting native flowers during previous studies in the Victorian Alps (Nash, unpublished data 2008-09).
Given the dominance in numbers of the Meat Ant Iridomyrmex mjobergi Forel in the Victorian Alps (Nash et al.

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