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The controller-free interface for the Xbox 360. Introduced in 2010, the Kinect option opened a new kind of interaction with the Xbox. It uses a sensor for motion, face and speech recognition that connects to the Xbox. Players interact by speaking and using hand and body motions. Like Nintendo's popular Wii, people can use their body to interact with the game.

Although Kinect set a world record for the fastest-selling consumer electronics device in its first 60 days (eight million units), manufacturing ceased in late 2017. However, the Kinect motion sensing technology was later used in Microsoft's mixed reality platform (see Windows Mixed Reality).

Video Calling
Video Kinect lets people start up a video call to Windows Live and other Xbox users. Photo sharing and collaborative apps enhance the call.

Kinect for Windows
After its debut, hackers began experimenting with Kinect for non-gaming purposes. Recognizing the enthusiasm, Microsoft introduced the Kinect software development kit for Windows in 2011. It let developers create apps with Kinect's skeletal tracking and speech recognition features. See Xbox.

Kinect for the iPhone
In 2013, Apple acquired PrimeSense, the Israeli startup that developed the 3D sensor in Kinect. As a result, the depth sensing technology in the Kinect made its way to the iPhone X in 2017.

Just Steer
With Kinect, players use their hands and body to interact with the game. There are no wired or wireless, handheld controllers. Sensors under the monitor detect the motion. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)
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If an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) is used, a free, easy to download VA Video Connect App is needed to automatically launch a VVC session.
VA Video Connect has enabled veterans to connect with their health care team from anywhere, using encryption to ensure a secure and private session.
Tele-counseling, which is accessible on any device with a webcam and micro phone, allows veterans to meet with VRCs virtually through VA Video Connect without having to download specialized software or obtain unique usernames and passwords.
Whether it's at a medical center, a community clinic or via the VA Video Connect telemedicine platform, our ongoing goal is to improve patient outcomes by reaching veterans wherever they are.
The two NEP teams -- often with more than a thousand kilometres between them -- were able to collaborate seamlessly and reliably with the Star Sports team enabled by Tata Communications' ultra-low-latency Video Connect network.
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Etisalat, with its partner, has established a Video Connect node hosted in Dubai, UAE.
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Genius Wong, senior vice-president, Global Network Services at Tata Communications, explained why the company chose Net Insight's Nimbra platform: "We have selected the Nimbra platform for rolling out Tata Communications Video Connect service, a networking solution which is designed for broadcasters, studios and production houses to deliver video content flexibly and cost effectively to media hotspots worldwide.