Videotape Recording

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videotape recording

[′vid·ē·ō ¦tāp ri‚kȯrd·iŋ]
A method of recording television programs on magnetic tape for later rebroadcasting or replay. Abbreviated VTR.
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Videotape Recording


recording of television, radar, and other signals on magnetic tape or motion-picture film for their subsequent visual reproduction. It is possible to use thermoplastic recording and mechanical recording on a disk, from which phonograph records are then made.

Videotape recording is used in television as one of the methods of preserving documentary and performing-arts programs. Videotape recording on a videotape recorder affords the opportunity of reproducing a broadcast in its entirety or in part, bypassing, in contrast to motion-picture film, the complicated procedures of processing, printing, and editing the film, which are essential in film production. Moreover, videotape recording can be done many times on the same tape, which, however, has a limited period of ser-vice. In the preparation of documentary television programs (reports, interviews, and so forth), videotape recording makes it possible to preserve the “effect of immediacy” to create the illusion for the viewers that the event and its re-production on the television screen are occurring simultaneously. With the aid of videotape recording, television solves the problem of time barriers and of televising programs over long distances. With the introduction of videotape recording, countries with several time zones (the USSR, the USA, Australia, and other countries) have been able to organize unified national television systems.


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The videotape recording of this event is contained in the BBC documentary "The Madonna of Medjugorje" (1986).
Weatherly's behaviour was captured on CBS's own videotape recordings."
Ashley Ortega, the girl who ate Yumburgers all her life and didn't gain a single pound, said: 'For [normal] VTRs (videotape recordings), you just say your name, age, height.
Qualitative data were also gathered in the form of performance attributions from transcripts of videotape recordings. Results indicate that the connection between group efficacy perceptions and group performance is not a simplex relationship and is influenced by the history of a group's success and failures.
On Friday, the jurors also saw videotape recordings of the visits made by Casey's parents and the conversation that went on between them.
The use of audio and videotape recordings of therapy sessions in the supervision and practice of dynamic psychotherapy.
And they were counting, the Home Counties mob, when they went home to their videotape recordings and replayed Greg Uncut a few times.
This paper provides guidelines for the use of videotape recordings for systematic instruction in functional skills for students with moderate to severe disabilities.
The team is also expected to confirm the identities of Japanese abductees Pyongyang said are alive by taking photos and making videotape recordings, Fukuda said.
In older children, a standard Oucher pain scale and a validated Child Facial Coding System, using videotape recordings of 13 facial expressions, were used by a trained coder unaware of the study design.
However, my editorial had nothing to do with videotape recordings made by physicians, but rather specifically addressed videotapes made by the patient and her family.
One characteristic of the new system is that viewers will be able to easily make videotape recordings of programs based on program information sent to them.