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A means of simultaneous, two-way communication comprising both audio and video elements. Participants in a video telephone call can both see and hear each other in real time. Videotelephony is a subset of teleconferencing, broadly defined as the various ways and means by which people communicate with one another over some distance. Initially conceived as an extension to the telephone, videotelephony is now possible using computers with network connections.

Small residential video telephones, computer-based desktop video telephones, and small videoconferencing setups have been introduced to fulfill diverse needs. One such commercially available residential videophone is about as big as a typical office desk telephone with a small flip-up screen that has an eyeball camera above it. Although it will work with several standards, this phone is primarily designed for use over Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines in which a residence gets three circuits; one circuit is used for control and the other two for voice and video. See Integrated services digital network (ISDN)

An example of a computer-based desktop videophone consists of a PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) video/audio CODEC board to add to a personal computer, a composite color camera, audio peripherals, and visual collaboration software.

Videotelephony software has been developed and made widely available that permits real-time collaboration and conferencing, including multipoint and point-to-point conferencing. Multipoint means, for example, that three people in three different locations could have a video telephone conference call in which each could see and hear the others. In addition to the basic audio and video capabilities, such software provides several other features such as a whiteboard, background file transfer, program sharing, and remote desktop sharing.

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Videotelephony is real time, two-way communication via the Internet using audio and video.
It is able to transmit images via live streaming to any phone capable of receiving videotelephony and can be used for sending e-mails and MMS messages.
For example, videotelephony has been reported as commercially unsuccessful (Noll, 1992), with Kraut and Fish (1997) concluding that this technology is more likely to find application in the home.
Examples of this type of services are videotelephony or videoconference.
H.324 covers terminals using the PSTN to carry real-time voice, data, and video, or any combination of these, and forms the basis of videotelephony.
body governing international recommendations for videotelephony and multimedia communications across virtually all the networks likely to impact large and small corporations (as well as homes and home offices).
The Internet is a crude prototype of such a multipurpose single network, with mail, Web traffic, telephony, videotelephony, and Mbone narrowcast video conferences all coexisting on the same communications links.
With advances in digital-coding technologies, it will support high-fidelity audio and limited forms of videotelephony over telephone lines.
Ever since the launch of FaceTime, ( Apple 's proprietary videotelephony application only enabled one-on-one conversations.
Improving the quality of services: - replacement of metal entrance doors and outdoor mailbox batteries, - replacement of the intercom by a videotelephony circuit board, Included combined in the accommodation, - access control by badge, - installation of smoke extraction in stairwells, - painting on walls and ceilings and cleaning floors in the halls, - bathroom: After removal of bath heaters, Replacement of sanitary accessories, Floor and wall paints, Earthenware, Soft floors, - replacement of bathtubs with showers for t2 / t3, - condemnation of empty garbage, - transformation of garbage shelters into closed spaces.
Nokia's UltraSite is a multimedia-ready system supporting HSCSD, GPRS, EDGE and wideband CDMA, and it will enable a variety of new mobile multimedia applications, such as videotelephony, infotainment, mobile Internet and intranet access at home.
In videocommunications the distinction is generally made between videotelephony and videoconferencing.