Vidin District

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Vidin District


an administrative-territorial unit in northwestern Bulgaria. Area, 3,100 sq km; population, 176,000 (1968). Administrative center: Vidin. The eastern part of the district is a very hilly lowland, and the western part is occupied by the foothills of the Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains), with elevations of 1,200-1,400 m. The climate is temperate continental; annual precipitation is about 600 mm. The major rivers are the Danube and its tributaries—the Timok, Topolovitsa, and Lorn. The eastern part has mainly steppe landscapes; the western part, mountain-forest landscapes.

In addition to branches of industry related to the processing of agricultural products (wine-making, fruit canning, and so on), machine building (a pump plant, a considerable part of whose output is exported), the chemical industry (synthetic fibers), and the rubber industry (an automobile-tire plant in Vidin) are also developing in Vidin District. The main branches of agriculture are grain farming and livestock raising. More than one-third of the cultivated land is irrigated. The chief crops are wheat, corn, sunflowers, and sugar beets. There is also vegetable and melon farming, viticulture, and cattle raising. A train ferry across the Danube connects the city and port of Vidin with the city of Calafat in Rumania. The Belogradchik Cliffs and the Magura Cave are tourist attractions.


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There are also no lessons in kindergarten "Detelina" in the village of Cherno pole, Ruzhintsi municipality, Vidin district. From January 16 to 18, schools in the districts of Stara Zagora and Shumen and in Silistra municipality will be in a flu-free vacation, the school has said.
"We staged a protest of fruit and vegetable growers from the Vidin district because our sales collapsed after the launch of Danube Bridge 2," said Milena Dmitrova, agricultural producer from the village of Gomotartsi, as cited by the Focus news agency.
A call has been placed at 9 pm Tuesday on the emergency 112 hotline, alarming of a fire in a trailer in the "New Way" Vidin district.
"Economic news is hard to come by in the region of Vidin, which is why I hope that such events will happen more often," commented Tsvetan Asenov, Vidin District Government.
A large fire was raging Monday in the northwestern Vidin District, near the village of Kiraevo, along the border with Greece.