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, region and former Russian province, comprising present Estonia and parts of Latvia (Vidzeme and Latgale). It borders on the Baltic Sea and its arms, the Gulf of Riga and the Gulf of Finland, in the west and the north and extends E to Lake Peipus (Chudskoye) and the
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sis the second largest city in Vidzeme, aspiring to become Latvias capital of culture, noted the State Secretary.
Vidzemes planosanas regiona attistibasprogramma 2007-2013 gadam I un II dala [Vidzeme Planning Region Development Strategy 2007-2013 I and II part] [online], [cited 14 February 2013].
The case of the Vidzeme and Ventspils University colleges, Bachelor thesis, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.
Vidzeme ehk Liivimaa kubermangu nimekiri naeb valja jargmine: Koknese--Kokenhusen, Aizkraukle--Ascheraden, Lielvarde--Lennewarden, Kalsnava--Kalzenau, Berzaune--Bersohn, Gaujiena--Adsel, Piebalga Pebalg, Ergli--Erlaa, Trikata--Trikaten, Rauna--Ronneburg, Cesis--Wenden, Turaida--Treyden, Sigulda--Segewold, Lielstraupe--Gross-Roop, Mazstraupe Klein-Roop, Augstroze--Hochrosen, Rozbeki--Rosenbeck, Mujani--Mojahn, Valmiera--Wolmar, Ergeme--Ermes, Burtnieki--Burtneck, Rujiena--Rujen, Karksi--Karksi, Ropazi--Rodenpois, Helme--Helmet, Viljandi--Fellin, Rongu Ringen, Tarvastu--Tarwast, Laiuse--Lais, Poltsamaa--Oberpahlen, Aluksne--Marienburg ja Vastseliina--Neuhausen.
Actually only four development regions (Kurzeme, Latgale, Vidzeme, Zemgale) can appear in addition to Riga.
Besides a central government, there are 26 districts (rajoni), 550 local self-governments (70 cities and 480 pagasti), and five economic planning regions that correspond very closely to the historical regions: Latgale; Zemgale; Kurzeme (outside Latvia, historians and other experts also know it by its Germanized name, Courland); Vidzeme, and the Riga region.
As one Orthodox priest wrote, "Orthodox parishes in Vidzeme are a stigma to the Russian church.
4% of the national electric energy", said Andris Urtans, head of the Vidzeme National Reserve.
but the disturbing idea that's hit her recedes only later, although man aging to take root: What does a barn in Vidzeme or Latgale look like?
With the initiative of the concert organisation LatvijasKoncerti, there will be a performance of The Rings of Latvia, which portrays the values and uniqueness of four regions of Latvia--Latgale, Kurzeme, Vidzeme, and Zemgale.
On 20 September, resident and non-resident Ambassadors to Latvia will make their traditional annual trip to a region in Latvia, this time visiting Vidzeme.