Vienna, Peace of 1738

Vienna, Peace of (1738)


a treaty signed by Austria and France on November 18 in Vienna (the preliminary treaty was signed Oct. 3, 1735) that concluded the War of the Polish Succession. France recognized Frederick Augustus II, the elector of Saxony, as king of Poland (Augustus III). France’s protégé Stanislas Leszczynski renounced any claims to the Polish throne but obtained Lotharingia, which was to pass to France after his death. Naples and Sicily passed to the junior line of the Spanish Bourbons (from Austria). Austria received Parma and Piacenza, and Tuscany passed to Duke Francis Stephen of Lotharingia (the son-in-law of Emperor Charles VI). France agreed to guarantee the Austrian Pragmatic Sanction of 1713. Piedmont, Spain, Russia, and Poland adhered to the Peace of Vienna in 1739.