Vieru, Grigore Pavlovich

Vieru, Grigore Pavlovich


Born Feb. 14, 1935, in the village of Pereryta, Brichany Raion. Soviet Moldavian poet.

Vieru graduated from the Kishinev Pedagogical Institute in 1958. His first work was published in 1954. He wrote several books of poetry for children. Vieru’s book Poems was awarded the B. Glavan Prize in 1967 by the Central Committee of the Lenin Komsomol of Moldavia. The collection Thy Name was published in 1968. A love of life, the land, work, and song are the principal motifs of his creative work. Vieru’s poems are characterized by a high level of craftman-ship and a spontaneity of feeling.


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In Russian translation:
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