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a river in Kostroma Oblast, RSFSR; a right tributary of the Unzha. The Viga is 175 km long and has a basin area of 3,360 sq km. The river originates in the Galich Upland and flows through flat country. The channel is meandering. The Viga is fed by snow and rain. It freezes in November, and the ice breaks up at the beginning of April. The river is used for floating timber.

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In Spanish Colonial architecture and its derivatives, a log that has been stripped of its bark and unhewn; used as one of a number of roof beams spanning the width of a building between opposite adobe walls; usually evenly
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The operations at the Viga mine are not affected by this decision and will continue as usual.
El modelo se baso en la teoria de Winkler para el analisis de vigas sobre fundaciones elasticas, que consiste en representar la viga soportada sobre numerosos resortes de constante k y sometida a unas condiciones de carga (figura 3a); en la figura, Q representa la carga aplicada sobre la viga, en este caso.
Paulo Pasta, Viga Laranja, 2008, oleo sobre papel, 190 x 150 cm.
No sotao, no lado denominado A, foi observado que um dos componentes da mao-francesa que se conecta com a viga 6 foi trocado de lugar, pois possui um encaixe com pino em local aleatorio.
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