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, Finnish Viipuri, Swed. Viborg, city (1989 pop. 81,000), NW European Russia, NW of St. Petersburg and near the Finnish border, on Vyborg Bay and the Gulf of Finland.
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, Russia.
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2012, 111; Nordkvist 2015, 257) Kaukola Riukjarvi 4780 [+ or -] 70 Hela-359 3650-3380 Kyostalanharju Viipuri Hayrynmaki 4550 [+ or -]60 Hela-358 3370-3100 Virolahti Meskaartty 4535 [+ or -]35 Hela-1613 3360-3110 Virolahti Meskaartty 4520 [+ or -] 40 Hela-1615 3350-3110 Table 2.
There is a curious link between Viipuri and James Stirling's Arthur M Sackler Museum, adjacent to the Fogg Museum, at Harvard University.
El edificio de la biblioteca de Viipuri: Alvar Aalto, el humanismo innovador de un hacedor de bibliotecas.
Coaches that used to be packed with Finnish travellers were now running empty to the former Finnish city of Viipuri in Russia, according to Reuters.
The Finnish-American artist's What's the Time in Vyborg?, initiated in 2000, takes as its starting point that city's municipal library, designed by Alvar Aalto in 1927 and completed in 1935, symbolizing the modernist aspirations of a newly independent Finnish state (Vyborg, then Finland's second largest city, was called Viipuri at the time, changing names when annexed by the Soviets in 1944).
Three years later he moved to Viipuri in south-eastern Finland near the Russian border (now part of Russia) where he joined Kurikka on the editorial board of Viipurin Sanomat (Viipuri News).
Principal battles: Tampere, Viipuri (Vyborg) (1918); Karelia (1939-1940); Karelia (1941-1942).
In mid-January full-scale fighting broke out between Red and White Guards in the town of Viipuri, and the Helsinki Soviet turned to the Bolsheviks for help.
Already in the 1920s Aarne Ayrapaa (1922, 153 f.) described the distribution of Corded Ware in the research area, and drew its northern limit running from Viipuri in Karelian Isthmus via Tampere in central Finland to Kokkola in Ostrobothnia (Fig.
Undulating walls of poured concrete enclose brick-paved galleries looking into the central volume that is lit by large round skylights that echo those of Alvar Aalto's Viipuri library.