(bĭjä`po͝or), city (1991 pop. 193,131), Karnataka state, SE India. It is a trade and district administrative center. Cotton ginning is an important activity; manufactures include soap, dyes, and chemicals. Vijapura was the capital (15th–17th cent.) of the Deccan kingdom of Bijapur, under the Adil Shahi sultans. Among the city's notable remains is the Gol Gumbaz, the tomb of Mahmud Shah.
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Tenders are invited for improvements to road from ak main road to vijapura old village and improvements to roads of darikongalale village and construction of basaveshwara temple vijapura old village in arakalgud taluk.
The study, to be presented by Charmi Vijapura of Harvard University's Massachusetts General Hospital, compared the rates of false positive exams between digital 2D mammography (DM) and DBT in the diagnostic setting in order to determine if there are differences in the mammographic findings that lead to false positive exams.
Vijapura will join IPC as a practice group leader in the Tampa area.
So far, 10 deaths have been reported from Bengaluru, Gadag, Vijapura, Chitradurga and Bellary districts of the state while another 106 people suffering from the flu are undergoing treatment in various government hospitals across the state.
VIJAPURA is a board-certified psychiatrist who practices in Panama City, Fla.
Tenders are invited for Road safety works on vijapura - ujjani road from ch 4.15 to 7.00 km in selected reaches iyyanahalli, muddapura cross to biravara cross joining nh-4 in chitradurga taluk
[4.] Momin SG, Mangal HM, Kyada HC, Vijapura MT, Bhuva SD.
Tenders are invited for Name of work with package no: lachya lt2 to join padnur (0.00 to 1.23), lachya lt2 to join padnur (1.23 to 7.00) vijapura district indi taluk package no kssdp-07-09
Paltial Palat (1), Taherali Vijapura (2), Nisheeth Patel (1), Dipti Gajjar (2)