Viking style

Dragon style

A mode of architecture, popular in 19th-century Scandinavia, that exhibited seagoing motifs, such as dragon figureheads; based on traditional log construction and said to be reflective of pride in the Viking Age.
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The boat doesn't go on fire Viking style as the structure is insulated but, the open air effect is really marvellous as the meat and fish are secured on steel stakes placed upright in the centre of the vessel where a bonfire of lemon tree wood cooks the beef, pork belly and chicken, and on fish nights he gets all piscatorial with a great array of seafood on display sizzling away.
We will be making a girl-and-boy outfit for the school mascot in the Viking style to instill the idea of being a warrior and to work hard for what you want.
And in true Viking style, they then set fire to it, cheered on by their parents who made a special trip to the school at 9pm to see the ship ablaze.
This settlement contained high status Viking artefacts such as merchant's weights, ringed pins, buckles, a whet stone for sharpening swords, Viking style long houses and even non-Christian burials.
An undertaker in Tyne and Wear is offering the chance to go out in a blaze of glory with a Viking style cremation.
WITH our rugby players falling over like groinpins, I'm reminded of Ray Gravell, who, apart from his Viking style of play, had an entertaining habit of going down clutching various parts of his anatomy - but nothing that a quick visit from the physio couldn't put to rights with a quick dab of the sponge.
West Bromwich Albion's Darren Moore (top) challenges the Reading goalkeeper Jamie Ashdown as the Baggies fans prepare for the Premiership in Viking style Pictures/SAM BAGNALL
The Greenwood-based firm's new stainless steel ovens bring the signature Viking style to a must-have kitchen appliance.
OLD Spice girl Geri Halliwell has told friends she is so scared of being buried in the ground that when she dies she wants her coffin to be put on a raft, set alight in Viking style and pushed out to sea.
So when - after arriving on a remote island - he burned his boat, Viking style, his intention was clear.
Beat the yogurt (while yelling at it, Viking style) with the egg and the water and then stir into the flour mixture.
A MAN murdered his girlfriend and then smothered their four-year-old son before laying him out in a bizarre Viking style ritual with a torch in his hand, a court heard.