Viktor Aleksandrovich Sinaiskii

Sinaiskii, Viktor Aleksandrovich


Born Oct. 21 (Nov. 2), 1893, in Mariupol’; died Jan. 27, 1968, in Leningrad. Soviet sculptor.

Sinaiskii studied at the Petrograd Academy of Arts under V. A. Beklemishev from 1917 to 1920. Between 1921 and 1951 he taught intermittently at the Leningrad Academy of Arts. He helped implement Lenin’s plan for monument propaganda, for example, his bust of F. Lassalle (plaster of paris, 1918, not preserved; variant in granite, 1921, Russian Museum, Leningrad). Sinaiskii’s best works, including Young Worker (bronze, 1937, Tret’iakov Gallery) and a monument to N. A. Dobroliubov in Leningrad (bronze and granite, 1950-59), are clear in composition and combine spontaneity with masterful and comprehensive treatment of the subject. [23–1211–]