Viktor Alekseevich Savin

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Savin, Viktor Alekseevich


(also Vittor Nebdinsa). Born Nov. 10 (22), 1888, in the village of Nebdino, in what is now Kortkeros Raion, Komi ASSR; died August 1943. Soviet Komi poet, playwright, and actor. Member of the CPSU from 1918.

Savin is one of the founders of Soviet Komi literature and drama. His first work was published in 1918. Savin is the author of verses and narrative poems glorifying the party and the revolution, lyric songs in the folk style, satirical feuilletons, and fables. He wrote approximately 30 plays, including A Little Flower Wilted at Sunrise (1919), In Heaven (1922), Restless Soul (1927), The Ust’-Kulom Uprising (1928), and Daughter of Parma (1930).


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