Viktor Andreev

Andreev, Viktor Semenovich


Born Sept. 3 (16), 1905, in Kharkov. Soviet architect; CPSU member since 1951.

Andreev graduated from the department of architecture of the Kharkov Institute of Fine Arts in 1930. From 1943 to 1957 he taught at the Moscow Institute of Architecture. His works include the administration building on Gorky Street in Moscow (1949; USSR State Prize, 1949), USSR exhibition pavilions in Vienna (1952) and in Peking (1953–54), and embassies of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1952–54) and the People’s Republic of China (1956–1959) in Moscow. Since 1962 he has directed the planning and construction of the large housing developments in Moscow known as the Medvedkovo and the Sviblovo. Andreev has been decorated with two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor and with medals.

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(A key figure is Rose's Russian political adviser Viktor Andreev.) Everyone knew that Rose and his staff were reluctant to advocate air strikes.